Teksty piosenek / L / Lemonheads


  7 Powers

  A circle of one

  Alison's starting to happen


  Being around


  Big gay heart

  Bit part

  Brass buttons

  Break me


  Buried alive

  Cazzo di ferro

  Ceiling fan in my spoon

  C'mon daddy

  Come back D.A.


  Dawn can't decide

  Die right now

  Don't tell yourself

  Don't wanna


  Down about it


  Favorite T

  Fed up

  Frank mills

  Glad i don't know

  Gotta stop

  Half the time

  Hannah & Gabi

  Hate your friends


  How will i know

  If i could talk i'd tell you

  I like to

  I'll do it anyway

  Into your arms

  It's about time

  It's all true

  It's a shame about ray


  Knoxville girl

  Left for dead

  Losing your mind



  Mallo cup

  Mrs. Robinson

  My drug buddy

  Nothing true

  One more time


  Paid to smile

  Paint it black

  Plaster caster



  Rat velvet

  Rest assured

  Ride with me

  Rockin stroll


  Sad girl

  Second chance


  Something missing




  The ballad of el goodo

  The great big no

  The outdoor type

  The turnpike down

  Will you still love me tomorrow

  Year of the cat

  You can take it with you

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