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Lefty - Good as It Gets

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stop the lies and i'll promise not to shut you out
  i'd give you everything
  if you'd only throw away your doubts
  shut the blinds open the door, fifteen times
  fifty bars of soap
  and you use each one never more than twice
  and i need to know where you run to now
  i need to know where you run and hide
  cause it doesn't get better and it don't get worse
  always stays the same
  cause it's as good as we can get can get can get
  take a walk and never step on any lines or cracks
  bring the food it's always wrong
  you always send it back
  clean the floor and line the shelves but it's never right
  set the table up the spoon, the fork and then the knife
  where you run to, where you run

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