Leftfield - Dusted

Tekst piosenki:

   Love of self I possess
  Thru life 2 death
  Yiggy yar yesome
  It's da upfront fresh
  My leve is seldom seen
  Few and far between
  Them fools they couldn't
  Douse my keen
  Lean 2 da mean
  Thorough bread
  Strapped in a brass trap down I get
  Sunset to sunset
  We don't sweat yet
  Cool we don't fret
  While the dubs dem hold we
  I'm picky with percision
  Now death it's self
  Can't hold this down
  Coz the seeds of progress
  Them done get sow
  My tuff back
  Broke the cane in four
  Face flat to the floor
  But I found the strength
  To commence with a brand new
  Sense of self
  Eurozulu coming through
  Tokyo train style hipper 2 da coup
  Down like dirt man we
  Dusted (get up)
  Nuff of dem ah question my
  Rebelite flex
  But I won't waste my time
  I let action speak
  Although this feat stands
  Taller than the peak of Everest
  I visualise embrace
  The progress
  Chin high puff chest
  I step right to it
  The choice is there ain't no choice
  But to pursue
  Soul on the mind
  Mind on the soul
  My struggle remain
  But my insight remain
  But my insight grow
  Movement tight planet wide
  Gaining nuff girth
  Gaining nuff ground
  Movement tight planet wide flight
  Inner sight set 2 step to the height
  Left of the field now looking good
  Wed to this wayward bounce
  I proud pronounce
  I stood fast
  Stuck in my way
  I heed not no hearsay
  I put my trust in my own
  Perceptions of knowledge of self.

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