Teksty piosenek / L / L'Arc~En~Ciel

  All dead

  Anata (eng)

  And She Said

  Anemone (eng)

  As if in a dream

  Be destined

  Birth (eng)


  Blurry eyes

  Blurry eyes (eng)


  Caress of Venus

  C'est la vie


  Dearest love

  Dive to blue

  Driver's high

  Driver's high (eng)




  Fare well



  Finale (eng)

  Floods of tears


  Forbidden lover

  Get out from the shell

  Glass dama

  Good morning hide

  Heaven's drive

  Hitomi ni utsuru mono


  Ibara no namida

  I'm so happy

  I'm so happy (eng)

  Inner core

  In the air

  I wish


  Kaze ni kienaide

  Kaze no yukue

  Lies and truth


  Loreley (eng)

  Natsu no yuuutsu

  Nemuri ni yosete

  Neo universe


  Perfect blue


  Promised land

  Round and round

  Route 666

  Secret signs

  Shinshoku (eng)

  Shizuka no umi de

  Shout at the devil

  Shutting from the sky

  Singin in the rain

  Singin in the rain (eng)

  Spirit dreams inside

  Stay away

  Stay away (eng)

  Still i'm with you

  Taste of love

  The fourth avenue cafe

  The rain leaves a scar

  Tsuioko no jookei

  Ushinawareta nagame

  Vivid colors


  What is love

  White feathers

  Wind of gold

  Winter fall

  Winter fall (eng)

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