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Lambretta - Riding on the stars

Tekst piosenki:

   There's a boy up the stairs
  In a castle of air
  But he don't want to let me in
  I don't know what to do
  If it wasn't for you
  I wouldn't sing at all
  If only I had a dream
  To share with you
  We could make it for real
  Just take the ride with me
  If only you could see me now
  (Riding on the stars)
  If only I could be myself
  (Don't know where to start)
  What if I took a change right here
  Or flew to the moon and started to
  dance right there
  There's a boy up above
  And he's made of love
  But he doesn't know it yet that's sure
  He never hears my calls
  I have done the fall and I know I love him

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