Teksty piosenek / L / La Bouche

  A moment of love

  A moment of love (deutsche)

  Be my lover

  Be my lover II

  Body & soul

  Body & soul (deutsche)


  Don't let the rain

  Do you hear what i hear

  Do you hear what i hear (deutsche)

  Do you still need me

  Fallin in love

  Fallin in love (deutsche)

  Forget me nots

  I can't stand the rain

  I'll be there

  I love to love

  I love to love (remix)

  In my position

  In your life

  Mamma look

  Moment of love

  Nice n slow

  On a night like this

  Poetry in motion

  Say it with love

  Say you'll be mine

  Shoo bee do bee do


  S.O.S (deutsche)

  Sweet dreams

  Sweet dreams (deutsche)

  Sweet little persuader

  The heat is on

  Unexpected lovers

  Whenever you want

  Where do you go

  Where do you go (deutsche)

  You won't forget me

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