Teksty piosenek / K / Kurupt

  Another day

  Ask yourself a question

  At It Again

  Behind the walls


  Bring Back That G Shit

  Callin out names

  Can't Go Wrong



  Fuck da world


  Gangsta noize



  Girls all pause

  Hate on

  Ho's a housewife

  I ain't shit without my homeboyz

  I call shots

  I didn't change

  If you see me

  It ain't about you

  It's a set up

  It's Over

  It's time

  I wanna

  Just don't give a fuck



  Lay It On Back

  Light shit up

  Loose cannons

  Never gonna give it up

  No feelings

  Now wut

  On Da Grind

  On, on side

  On, OnSite

  Play my cards

  Represent dat G.C.

  Space Boogie

  Step up



  Tha streetz iz a muthafucka

  The hardest mutha fuckaz

  The life

  This one's for u


  Under pressure

  We can freak it

  Welcome home

  Who do you be

  Who ride with us

  Ya can't trust nobody

  Your girlfriend

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