Teksty piosenek / K / K's Choice

  20,000 Seconds

  20000 Seconds



  All right

  Almost Happy

  Almost happy

  Already There

  Already there

  Always Everywhere

  Always everywhere

  Another Year

  Another year

  A Sound That Only You Can Hear

  A sound that only you can hear

  Basically The Same

  Basically the same





  Breakfast (deutsche)



  Butterflies Instead

  Butterflies instead

  Cocoon Crash

  Cocoon crash

  Come Together

  Come together



  Don't let me down



  Everything For Free

  Everything for free

  Favorite Adventure

  Favorite adventure

  For All This

  For all this

  Fox on the run



  God In My Bed

  God in my bed






  I alone

  I Fall Asleep

  I fall asleep

  If you not scared

  If You're Not Scared

  I'm so lonesome i could cry

  I Need A Lover

  I need a lover


  In Your Room

  In your room

  Iron Flower

  Iron flower

  I Smoke A Lot

  I smoke a lot

  I Wanna Meet The Man

  I wanna meet the man

  I Will Return To You

  I will return to you



  Laughing As I Pray

  Laughing as i pray

  Little Man

  Little man

  Live For Real

  Live for real

  Me Happy

  Me happy

  Mr. Freeze

  Mr. Freeze

  My Head

  My head

  My Heart

  My Record Company

  My record company

  Not An Addict

  Not an addict

  Now Is Mine

  Now is mine

  Ol' '55

  Ol 55

  Old Woman

  Old woman

  Only Dreaming

  Only dreaming

  Paradise In Me

  Paradise in me

  Queit little place

  Quiet Little Place

  Rockin' In The Free World

  Rockin in the free world



  Shall I Let This Good Man In

  Shall i let this good man in

  Something's Wrong

  Something's wrong



  Song For Catherine

  Song for catherine

  The Ballad Of Lea & Paul

  The ballad of Lea & Paul

  The Day

  The day



  Too Many Happy Faces

  Too many happy faces

  To This Day

  To this day

  Try To Get Some Sleep

  Try to get some sleep

  Until i'm fine

  Virgin State Of Mind

  Virgin state of mind



  Walk Away

  Walk away



  We're Already There

  We're already there

  What The Hell Is Love

  What the hell is love

  When tomorrow comes

  White Kite Fauna

  White kite fauna

  Why don't you try me





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