Teksty piosenek / K / Kris Kristofferson

  Aguila del norte

  A loser with nothing to lose

  A moment of forever

  A song i'd like to sing

  Between heaven and here

  Billy dee

  Blame it on the stones

  Blessing in disguise

  Border Lord


  Burden of freedom

  Casey's last ride

  Crossing the border

  Daddy's song

  Darby's castle

  De vallier

  Don't cuss the fiddle

  Down to her socks

  Duvalier's dream

  Easter island

  Easy come on

  Eddie the eunuch

  El Coyote

  Enough for you


  Fallen angel

  Forever in your love

  For the good times

  Give it time to be tender

  Good christian soldier

  Help me make it through the night

  Here comes that rainbow again

  How to beat the devil

  I'd rather be sorry

  If it's all the same to you

  If you don't like Hank Williams

  I'll take any chance i can with you

  I may smoke too much

  It sure was

  I've got to have you

  Jesse Jackson

  Jesse younger

  Jesus was a capricorn

  Jody and the kid

  Johnny Lobo


  Just the other side of nowhere

  Killer baracuda

  Killing time

  Kiss the world goodbye

  Lay me down

  Lights of Magdala

  Little girl lost

  Living legend

  Long way from home

  Love don't live here anymore

  Love is the way

  Love of money

  Loving her was easier

  Lucky in love

  Mal sacate

  Me and Bobby McGee

  Mean old man

  New game now

  New mister me

  Nobody loves anybody anymore

  Once more with feeling

  One for the money

  Out of mind out of sight

  Please don't tell me how the story ends

  Prove it to you one more time again

  Rainbow road

  Rescue mission

  Rock and roll time

  Same old song



  Shipwrecked in the ighties


  Silver tongued devil and i

  Smile at me again

  Smokey put the smell on me


  Someboy nobody knows

  Spooky lady's revenge

  Stagger mountainn tragedy

  Stairway to the bottom

  Star - crossed


  Sugar man

  Sunday mornin' comin' down

  The best of all possible worlds

  The devil to pay

  The eagle and the bear

  The eye of the storm

  The fighter

  The golden idol

  The heart

  The hero

  The law is for the protection of the people

  The pilgrim - capter 33

  The prisoner

  The promise

  The sabre and the rose

  The shadows of her mind

  The silvertongued devil and i

  The stallion

  The stranger i love

  The taker

  The year 2000 minus 25

  Third world war

  This old road

  To beat the devil

  Under the gun

  What about me

  When i loved her

  When she's wrong

  Whos's to bless

  Why me

  You show me yours

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki