Teksty piosenek / K / Kreator

  A better tomorrow

  Agents of brutality

  Alive again

  All of the same blood

  As the world burns

  Behind the mirror


  Bitter sweet revenge

  Black sunrise

  Blind faith

  Bomb threat

  Bone braker


  Bringer of torture


  Catholic despot

  Celestial deliverance

  Chosen few

  Coma of souls

  Command of the blade

  Crisis of disorder

  Cry war

  Death is your saviour

  Depression unrest


  Don't trust

  Dying victims

  Endless pain


  Enemy unseen

  Europe after the rain

  Everlasting flame

  Extreme agressions

  Fatal energy

  Flag of hate


  Future king

  Ghetto war

  Golden age

  Hate inside your head

  Hidden dictator


  Leave this world behind

  Living in fear


  Love us or hate us

  Material world paranoia

  Mental slavery

  Men without god

  Mind on fire

  No escape


  No reason to exist

  One of us



  Passage to Babylon

  People of the lie


  Pleasure to kill


  Progressiv proletarians

  Reconquering the throne



  Replicas of life

  Riot of violence

  Ripping corpse

  Ruin of life

  Sculpture of regret

  Second awakening

  Servant in heaven


  Slave machinery

  Some pain will last

  Son of evil

  Soul eraser

  State oppression

  Storming with menace

  Storm of the beast

  Stream of conciousness

  Stronger than before

  System decay

  Terrible certainty

  Terror zone

  The chosen few

  The pestilence

  Together against the rest


  Total death

  Toxic trace

  Twisted urges


  Under the guillotine

  Violent revolution

  Whatever it may take

  When the sun burns red

  Willing spirit

  Winter martyrium

  World beyond

  Zero to none

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki