Teksty piosenek / K / Krayzie Bone


  Bloody murder

  Can't hustle forever

  Da bullshit

  Da thugs

  Deez dayz

  Do your thang


  Dummy man

  Everybody wanna be thugs


  Hard time hustlin

  Heated heavy

  I don't give a fuck

  I don't know what

  If they only knew

  If you a thug


  Is it me

  I still believe

  Kneight riduz wuz here

  Look at you now (skit)

  Lord what have i done

  Murda won't stop (skit)

  Murder mo


  Payback is a bitch

  Pimps, thugz, hustlaz & gangstaz


  Ready for combat


  Ride if ya like

  Ride the thugline

  Rollin up some mo

  Sad song

  Shackled up

  Shoot the club up


  Silent warrior

  Smoke & burn

  Smokin Budda

  Street people

  Talk to myself

  That's the way

  The ghetto

  The messenger (skit)

  The war iz on

  Theze dayz

  Thug alwayz

  Thugga level


  Thug mentality

  Thug on da line

  Thugz all ova da world

  Time after time

  Try me

  We starvin

  When i die

  Where my thugz at

  Wonderful world

  Won't ez up tonight

  World war

  Y'all don't know me

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