Teksty piosenek / K / KMFDM


  A Drug Against War

  A hole in the wall











  Die now live later


  Disgust (Live)







  Fuck me

  Full worm garden




  Go To Hell

  Hole in the wall



  Juke-Joint Jezebel

  Juke joint Jezebel



  Leid & Elend

  Liebeslied / A Hole In The Wall






  More & Faster

  Move On


  No peace



  Preach pervert





  Ru ok

  Save me

  Search and destroy

  Search & Destroy

  Secret skin

  Sex On The Flag


  Son Of A Gun

  Son of a gun (deutsche)

  Split sperm

  Stray bullet

  Sturm & drang





  Thats all

  The problem

  These boots are made for walking






  Urban monkey warfare



  Waste (deutsche)



  Wrath (deutsche)


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