Teksty piosenek / K / Klaatu

  All good things

  A million miles away

  Anus of Uranus

  Around the universe in 80 days

  A routine day

  At the end of the rainbow

  Blue smoke

  California jam

  Calling occupants of interplanetary craft


  Dear Christine

  December dream

  Doctor Marvello

  Dog star

  Everybody took a holiday


  Hot Box city

  Howl at the moon

  I can't help it

  I don't wanna go home

  Juicy Lucy

  Knee deep in love

  Little neutrino

  Long live Politzania


  Magenta line

  Maybe i'll move to Mars

  Mister Manson

  Mrs Toad's cookies



  Perpetual motion machine

  Sell out, sell out

  Set the world on fire

  Silly boys

  Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

  So said the lighthouse keeper

  Sub rosa subway

  The loneliest of creatures

  The love of a woman

  Tokeymore field

  True life hero

  We're off to know

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