Teksty piosenek / K / King's X


  Bitter sweet

  Black flag

  Black the sky

  Chariot song

  Charlie Sheen




  Don't belive it

  Don't care

  Dream in my life

  Everyboy knows

  Everywhere i go

  Faith hope love

  Fall on me

  False alarm

  Far, far away

  Fine art of friendship

  Fishbowl man

  Flies and blue skies

  Fool you

  Human behavior

  I can't help it

  I'll never be the same

  I'll never get tired of you

  In the new age

  It's love




  Legal kill

  Lost in Germany

  Manic moonlight

  Marsh mellow field



  Move me

  Mr. Wilson

  Not just for the dead

  Ooh song

  Out of the silent planet



  Power of love



  Send a message

  She's gone away


  Shot of love

  Silent wind

  Six broken soldiers

  Skeptical winds





  Sunshine rain

  Talk to you

  The big picture

  The burning down

  The difference

  The other side

  The world around me



  We are finding who we are

  We were born to be loved

  What i know about love

  What is this

  When you're scared



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