Teksty piosenek / K / King Diamond

  1642 Imprisonment


  A broken spell


  A mansion in darkness

  Amon belongs to them


  A secret

  At the graves

  A visit from the dead

  Behind these walls

  Black devil

  Black hill sanitarium

  Black horsemen

  Blood to walk

  Blue eyes

  Broken glass


  Bye, bye Missy




  Coming home

  Cross of baron Samedi



  Digging graves


  Dressed in white

  Eastmann's cure


  Eye of the witch

  Father picard

  Follow the wolf

  From the other side





  Heads on the wall


  House of god

  I am

  If they only knew

  I'm not a stranger

  Into the convent

  Just a shadow


  Let it be done


  Life after death

  Little one

  Living dead

  Loa house

  Louisiana darkness

  Lucy forever

  Lurking in the dark


  Mansion in sorrow

  Meet at midnight





  More than pain

  Mother's getting weaker

  No more me

  No presents for christmas


  One down two to go

  Out from the asylum

  Passage to Hell

  Phone call

  Phone call 2

  Room 17


  Sarah's night

  Sending of dead


  Six feet under

  Sleepless nights

  Sleep tight little baby

  Slippery stairs

  Sorry dear

  So sad

  Spare this life



  The 7th day of july 1777

  The accusation chair

  The candle

  The crypt

  The curse

  The exorcist

  The family ghost

  The graveyard

  The invisible guests

  The Jonah

  The lake

  The meetings

  The pact

  The poltergeist

  The portrait

  The possession

  The puppet master

  The ritual

  The shrine

  The spider's lullabye

  The storm

  The trees have eyes

  The trial

  The wedding dream

  The wheelchair

  This place is terrible

  To the morgue

  Trick or treat

  Twilight symphony

  Two little girls

  Unclean spirits

  Up from the grave

  Upon the cross




  Welcome home


Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki