Teksty piosenek / K / Killah Priest

  Almost there


  Atoms to Adams


  Big world

  Black august (Daylight)

  Blessed are those

  Bop your head

  Come with me

  Crime stories (Interlude)

  Cross my heart


  CU when i get there

  Do the damn thing (remix)

  Do you want it


  Fake MC's

  Fall of Salomon

  From then till now

  Ghetto government

  Gotta eat

  Greatest lesson

  Greyhound part 2

  Hard times

  Heat of the moment

  Heavy mental

  High explosives

  Horsemen talk

  If i die

  If you don't know

  I'm wit that



  Intro (Blackball me)

  It's over

  Live by the gun

  Maccabean revolt

  Maccabean revolt (Interlude)



  Mind as a weapon


  My hood

  My life

  Mystic city

  One step

  Pillars of ivory

  Places i've been

  Places where phaoahs go (Interlude)

  Rap legend

  Robbery (remix)

  Royal priesthood

  Science project

  Street opera

  Tai chi

  The horsemen

  The last supper

  The law

  Theme song

  The one

  The professional

  The rain

  Thug revelations

  Time (remix)

  Turn around

  View from masada

  What part of the game

  When i'm writing

  When will we learn


  Witness the king

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki