Teksty piosenek / K / Kid Dynamite

  32 Frames Per Second

  3 O'Clock

  Bench Warmer


  Breakin's A Memory

  Cheap Shot Youth Anthem

  Cop Out

  Death And Taxes

  Fuck U Turn

  Gate 68

  Give 'em The Ripped One

  Got A Minute?

  Handy With The Tongue Sword

  Heart A Tact

  Introduction To The Opposites


  Living Daylights

  Never Met The Gooch

  News At 11



  pH Decontrol

  Pits & Poisoned Apples

  Rid Of The Losers, Bring On The Cruisers

  Rise Above

  Rufus Wants A Hug





  Sweet Shop Syndicate

  Table 19

  The Penske File

  The Ronald Miller Story

  Three's A Party

  Troy's Bucket

  Wrist Rocket

  Zuko's Back In Town

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