Teksty piosenek / K / Kenny Rogers

  All i need is you

  But you know i love you

  Buy me a rose

  Coat of many colors

  Coward of the county


  Daytime friends


  Don't fall in love with a dreamer

  Don't look in my eyes

  Every time two fools collide

  He will, she knows

  I am the greatest

  I don't need you

  If i could only change your mind

  I prefer the moonlight

  Islands in the stream

  Just dropped in


  Long arm of the law

  Love is strange

  Love lifted me

  Love the world away

  Love will turn you around


  Maybe you should know

  Morning desire

  Reuben James


  She believes in me

  She rides wild horses

  Slow dance more

  Something's burning

  The best of me

  The coward of the county

  The gambler

  The greatest

  The heart of the matter

  The only way i know

  There you go again

  This woman

  Through the years

  We've got it all

  We've got tonight

  What about me

  You decorated my life

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