Teksty piosenek / K / Ken Hensley

  8 O'clock in the morning

  A little peace of me


  Baby's rich

  Believe in me

  Black-hearted lady

  Brown eyed boy


  Candles getting shorter

  Carry me

  Cold autumn sunday



  Did you know

  Do you feel alright

  Eager to please

  Farthing man

  Finney's tale

  Five to three


  From time to time

  Get a line

  Give me a reason

  Giv'em what they want

  Go down


  Guard your heart


  He's growing

  Hey bulldog

  How shall i know

  I close my eyes

  I don't wanna wait

  If i had the time

  I know who you are

  I never know

  Inside the mystery


  In the morning

  It's up to you

  I won't change

  Jesus (Again & again)

  King without a throne

  Lady in black

  Lady lady

  Let me be me

  Letting go

  Longer shadow

  Long time, bad time, sad time

  Looking glas

  Love at first sight

  Lovely Anita


  Maybe you can tell me

  Misleading colours

  Momma i need

  Moving in

  New routine

  New York

  No more

  One tender moment

  Out of my control

  Part three

  Penny dear

  Plastic horizon

  Proud words

  Radio show


  Real love, guaranteed

  Second chance


  Sharkey ground

  Somewhere in the street


  Sticking wings on flies

  Take and take


  Tell me

  The cost of living

  The final solution

  The house on the hill

  The joy of knowing Jesus

  The last dance

  The last time

  The name of the game

  There comes a time

  The return

  The system

  The voice of love

  Think twice

  Through the eyes of a child

  Time and eternity

  To Samuel a son

  Towards the skies


  When evening comes

  Who i know

  Who will sing for you

  Win or loose

  Winter or summer


  Yes i cry


  You're my life

  You've got it

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki