Teksty piosenek / K / Kelly Price

  A friend of mine


  Ain't No Way

  Ain t no way

  All I Want Is You

  As We Lay

  At least

  At Least (Little Things)

  Back In The Day

  Can't Run Away

  Don't Go Away (Interlude)

  Don't Say Goodbye

  Friend Of Mine

  Friend Of Mine (Remix)


  Good Love

  Heartbreak Hotel


  He Proposed


  How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)

  I Can't Hide

  I Don't Know About Tomorrow


  I Live Here Now

  I Still Do

  It's Gonna Rain

  Kiss Test

  Like You Do

  Lord Of All

  Love Sets You Free (Remix)

  Married Man

  Mirror, Mirror

  National Anthem / She Wants You

  Secret Love



  So Sweet

  Soul Of A Woman

  Soul Of A Woman (Interlude)

  Take It To The Head

  Take Me To A Dream

  The gods love nubia

  The Lullaby

  Three Strikes

  Whatcha Gon Do

  While You Were Gone

  You Brought The Sunshine

  You Complete Me

  You Make Me Feel

  Your Love

  You Should've Told Me

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