Teksty piosenek / K / Kelly Family

  Adeste fideles

  Agur jaunak

  A hard days night

  All along the way

  Amazing grace

  An angel

  Angels flying

  Annie Laurie

  Another world

  Ares qui


  Auld lang syne



  Baby smile

  Because it's love

  Bendemeer's stream

  Big mouth on tv


  Break free

  Break the walls


  Burning fire

  By myself but not alone

  Calling heaven


  Carry my soul

  Chicken pies


  Cintas de mi capa


  Come back to me



  Dance to the rock'n roll

  Danny boy

  David's song

  Don't always want

  Don't be so unhappy

  Double decker bus

  Eagle on the breeze

  Edge of happiness


  Eres tu

  Estudianta portuguesa


  Every baby

  Everybody is beautiful


  Fathers nose

  Fat man

  Fee fee the flea

  Fell in love with an alien

  First Noel

  First time

  Flip a coin

  God give me reasons

  Good king wenceslaus

  Good neighbour




  Hello Joanne

  Hey diddle diddle

  Hey mr. big time


  Hold on

  Honest worker


  Hot legs

  House on the ocean

  Human race

  I can't help myself

  I can't stop the love

  I feel love

  I'll be there

  I'll send you a letter

  I'll swim


  I'm so happy

  I really love you

  It's okay now

  I wanna be loved

  I wanna kiss you

  I will be your bridge

  I wish the very best

  Joy to the world

  Key to my heart


  No one but you

  Roses of red

  Santa Maria

  Sick man

  The children of Kosovo

  True love

  Und in dem schneegebirge

  Wasting all my time

  You are losing me

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