Teksty piosenek / K / Kelis



  Caught Out There

  Cocaine business

  Cross the border (remix)



  Digital world

  Easy come easy go

  Flash back

  Freak me slow

  Game Show

  Get Along With You

  Get even

  Ghetto Children


  Good Stuff

  Got your money

  Help me

  How many licks

  I don't care anymore

  I don't know what

  I just wanna get along with you

  In public

  In The Morning


  I Want Your Love


  Keep it down

  Ladies choice philly's most wanted

  Lil Suzy




  Milk Shake

  Milkshake (remix)


  Mr UFO man

  No Turning Back

  Perfect day

  Popular thug

  Protect my heart


  Rock n' roll

  Roller Rink

  Rolling through the hood

  Scared money

  Shooting stars

  Stick up

  Sugar honey iced tea

  Supa love


  Take you home

  The spot

  This must be love

  Trick me

  Truth or dare

  Wanderland intro

  What it is

  What it is (part 2)

  Wouldn't You Agree

  Young Fresh And New

  Young fresh'n new

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