Teksty piosenek / K / Keith Sweat

  All eyes on me

  All the times

  Caught up

  Come and get me

  Come into my bedroom

  Come with me

  Don't have me

  Don't stop your love


  Get up on it

  He say, she say

  How deep is your love

  How do you like it (part 1)

  How do you like it (part 2)

  I knew that you were cheatin

  I'll give all my love to you

  I'll trade

  I'm not ready

  I'm not ready (remix)

  In the rain

  I put you on

  It gets better

  I want her

  I want to love you down

  Just a touch (remix)

  Kiss you

  Love Jones

  Make it last forever

  Merry go round

  My body

  My whole world


  Only wanna please you

  Put it on

  Put your lovin through the test

  Real man

  Right and a wrong way


  Satisfy you

  Something just ain't right

  Tell me it's me you want



  Twisted (remix)

  Whatcha like

  Whatever you want

  When i give my love

  Where did i go wrong

  Why me baby

  Why me baby (part 2)

  Why you treat me so cold

  You got me


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