Teksty piosenek / K / Katatonia

  A darkness coming

  Apathy revolution

  A premonition

  Black session

  Burn the remembrance


  Clean today

  Cold ways






  Don't tell a soul

  Don't wanna talk about it


  For my demons

  Funeral wedding

  Gates of bereavement

  Ghost of the sun


  Gyda gwen

  Had to (Leave)

  Help me disappear


  I am nothing

  I break

  In death, a song

  In sailence enshrined

  Inside the city of glass

  I transpire

  Jump or be sane

  Last resort

  Mantra for the lost


  New mercurial heights

  Nightmares by the sea

  No good can come of this

  O how i enjoy the light


  One year from now


  Palace of frost

  Passing bird


  Saw you drown

  Shades of emerald fields




  Sweet nurse


  That's all folks

  The future of speech

  The nothern silence

  This punishment

  To and fro

  Tonights music

  Velvet thorns

  Walking by a wire

  Way beyond blue


  We must bury you

  Will i arrive

  Without god

  You can

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