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Justincase - After You

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When your hand touches mine and when your eye catches mine
  When your smile grabs my soul and your heart holds mine
  When your hair is so soft and your lips are like gold
  It's when your face is art and you're Van Gogh
  That's when I'll ask
  Is there life after you
  Is there love after you
  Is there light after you
  But you're mine.. so let him go
  You're the horizon in my sky and now I'm drowning in your eyes
  I'll write your name in the sand and protect it from the tide
  So cut my lip once more before goodbyes
  And then I'll ask
  I will, I will, I will find you when you're gone
  I will, I will, I will find you, yes I'll find you
  I will, I will find you when you're gone
  If I was your sunflower I'd point to your sunny face
  And I'd be roots to find the tears and dry them away
  So I'll cross those tracks
  And I'll give all that's in me to make you happy
  And then I'll ask

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