Teksty piosenek / J / Jurassic 5

  Action Satisfaction

  A day at the races

  After school special



  Concrete And Clay

  Concrete Schoolyard

  Concrete schoolyard







  Great Expectations

  Great expectations


  High fidelity

  I am somebody

  If You Only Knew

  If you only knew


  In the flash

  In The Flesh



  Jurass Finish First

  Jurass finish first



  Long Road To Glory

  Long road to glory

  Monkey Bars

  Monkey bars

  One Of Them

  One of them

  Quality Control

  Quality control

  Remember His Name

  Remember his name

  Sum of us

  The Game

  The game

  The Influence

  The influence

  Thin Line

  Thin line

  Thin line (remix)



  Unified Rebelution

  Unified rebelution

  Verbal Gunfight

  Verbal gunfight

  We know something

  What's Golden?

  Without A Doubt

  Without a doubt

  World of entertainment

  World Of Entertainment (W.O.E. Is Me)

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