Juelz Santana - Why

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[Verse 1]
  My name mean a lot to me, pain mean a lot to me
  Fame means nothing, but the game means a lot to me
  I slang caine on these blocks for weeks
  Ever since Rocky III, and the death of Apollo Creed
  I was a tiny little poppy seed
  As grimey as I could be, as sheiesty as I could be
  Niggaz who live nicely, who don't understand the life of me
  Other niggaz don't like me, and wanna take my life from me
  They don't understand that I love it, and I like the beef
  The raw, the guns, the violence, it's all right with me
  I be laying in the cut where the sniper be
  Righteously, waiting for you to get out the driver's seat
  I don't think like usual people
  Who think like usual people, who don't think right
  I think like Muslims, in movements of people, who move they people
  And move on your people, power is stronger than voo doo and evil
  I'm immune, I drunk the juice, took a root from the needle
  Still trying to figure out, why I do, the crimes I do
  With the minds IQ, of an Einstein too
  Tell 'em, Cha-cha, and bon, bon goo, they think I'm crazy, well I do too
  Leave me alone please, I'm in my two-three zone please
  Nothing can stop me, you fuckers can't stop me
  ["Why" continues to play]
  [Verse 2]
  It's like my life keeps turning around
  Every second I need a lighter, I keep burning it down
  I smoke so much, I could nurture a pound
  My thoughts are always foggy, they blurring right now listen
  I see the game for what it's worth, pain, fame and work
  Girls walk with they brain in their skirt
  So while you're fucker, they thinking
  Of ways to get even, or a way out the hood, they make up a reason
  For the judge, for you take him and see him
  Until you face a subpena, that'll change your demeanor
  So be careful, where you skating through this game
  Remember it's other niggaz playing, skating in your lane
  Don't get clipped, or stripped skating in the rain
  Cause niggaz will keep rolling, and skating on your brain
  That's just the rules and regulations of the game
  When you playing you, you playing, and you paying like you weigh in, so..
  If not, those wolves aiming where you layin'
  And waiting on you patient with that thing up in the basement
  That's why I walk with that thing out, when I'm pasting
  Cause I know these niggaz hate it, that their little sisters love it
  And their girls really want it, plus I'm frontin
  Twenty three big truckin, new Z, new bucket
  Fuck it
  ["Why" continues until fade out]

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