Teksty piosenek / J / Judas Priest


  All fired up

  All guns blazing

  All the way

  A touch of evil

  Better by you better than me

  Between the hammer and the anvil

  Beyond the realms of death

  Blood red skies

  Blood stained



  Brain dead

  Breaking the law

  Bullet train

  Burn in hell

  Burnin up

  Call for the Priest

  Cathedral Spires



  Close to you

  Come and get it


  Dead meat

  Death row



  Delivering the goods

  Desert plains

  Devil digger

  Devil's child

  Diamonds and rust

  Dissident aggressor

  Don't go

  Dreamer deceiver

  Dying to meet you

  Eat me alive

  Electric eye


  Evening star

  Evil fantasies


  Feed on me


  Freewheel burning



  Hard as iron

  Heading out to the highway

  Heavy duty

  Heavy metal

  Hell bent for leather

  Hell is home

  Hell patrol

  Here comes the tears

  Heroes end

  Hot for love

  Hot rocking

  I'm a rocker

  In between


  Island of domination


  Jekyll and Hyde

  Johnny B.goode


  Killing machine

  Last rose of summer

  Leather rebel

  Living after midnight

  Living bad dreams

  Locked in

  Lost and found

  Love bites

  Love you to death

  Love zone

  Machine man

  Metal gods

  Metal meltdown

  Metal messiah

  Monsters of rock

  Never satisfied

  Night comes down

  Night crawler

  One for the road

  One on one

  One shot at glory

  On the run

  Out in the cold

  Pain and pleasure


  Parental guidance

  Prisoner of your eyes

  Private property

  Ram it down

  Rapid fire

  Raw deal


  Riding on the wind

  Rocka rolla

  Rock forever

  Rock hard ride free

  Rock you all around the world

  Running wild

  Run of the mill

  Saints in hell


  Screaming for vengeance


  Solar angels

  Some heads are gonna roll

  Stained class




  Take on the world

  The green manalishi

  The rage

  The ripper

  The sentinel


  Turbo lover

  Turning circles



  Victim of changes

  What's my name

  White heat, red hot

  Wild nights hot and crazy days


  Winter retreat

  You don't have to be old to be wise

  You say yes

  You've got another thing coming

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki