Teksty piosenek / J / Johnny Mathis

  A certain smile

  All the time

  A lovely way to spend an evening

  A man and a woman

  A time for us

  Call me

  Can't get out of this mood

  Chances are

  Come to me



  I concentrate on you

  I dream of you

  I look at you

  I'm coming home

  It's de lovely

  It's not for me to say

  Let it rain

  Let's love

  Like someone in love

  Love look away

  Man of la mancha

  Midnight cowboy


  No love

  Teacher, teacher

  The flame of love

  The twelfth of never

  Too much, too little, too late

  Very much in love

  Warm and tender

  What will Mary Say

  When i am with you

  When sunny gets blue

  Wild is the wind

  Wonderful wonderful

  You are beautiful

  You are everything to me

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