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Johnny Hates Jazz - True confessions

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   I never doubted a single word
  I put my trust in your hands
  And in the wake of a fatal vow
  I thought that love was the plan
  But see how the tables have turned
  And nothing is sacred
  The lesson is there to be learned
  By tearing the mask from your face
  Now it’s time for true confessions
  I wanna know what you want from me
  For true confessions
  I need to know why you show no sympathy
  The satisfaction you take in this
  Is growing ever more clear
  If truth be known in this bitter dawn
  It’s like you never were here
  The struggle for my self-respect
  Has never been harder
  And if I have any regrets
  It’s knowing you wasted my life
  If we’re to be logical
  I should be strong and walk right out that door
  It’s so hypocritical
  ’cos deep inside I want you all the more
  Reality cuts like a knife
  The fantasy’s over
  And here I am, paying the price
  For all of your dark indiscretions

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