Johnny Hates Jazz - Raindance

Tekst piosenki:

   If paradise is such a fragile affair
  Then why have we the lion’s share?
  As if we walk the earth alone
  Like infants breaking the cradle
  There isn’t anything we fail to corrupt
  The flip-side of the midas touch
  We’re walking in a world of glass
  With iron footsteps
  We do the raindance every night
  And I hope the gods will treat us right
  And if the sky should tumble down
  Will it quench out thirst or crush us to the ground?
  Have you a ticket to the greatest event?
  The world inside a circus tent
  Where clowns debate disarmament
  And wildlife live within cages
  The parody is never far from the truth
  And mankind is the living proof
  A dying planet in our arms
  We walk the tightrope
  The answer’s very simple
  A world without it’s people
  Has got to be better than this

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