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Johnny Hates Jazz - It's better this way

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   Answers can come too late
  And time is not one to wait
  I no longer believe
  Feelings of deep despair
  I tell myself I don’t care
  It wasn’t meant to be
  Maybe it’s better this way
  Maybe it’s better than the games we used to play
  Maybe it’s better this way
  Won’t give in to fear of falling
  When I hear tomorrow calling
  If I should fee the need
  You know that my heart must bleed
  I will not touch that phone
  And maybe I’ll mourn my loss
  But after the caring stops
  Desire turns to stone
  Pride has taken hold of me
  I must escape this apathy
  And should wake to deep regret, I’d suffer
  ’cos I stand alone
  And if there was any doubt
  That this was the one way out
  I’d never let you go
  Tomorrow’s calling, tomorrow’s calling
  My fear of falling - don’t be afraid
  Tomorrow’s calling

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