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Johnny Hates Jazz - Heart of hearts

Tekst piosenki:

   Why do you hide in the shadows?
  Are you afraid of the sun?
  You’ve got a lifetime before you
  And many wars to be won
  You’ve got to look to the future
  And never dwell in the past
  And though you’ll never forget me
  Some things are not meant to last
  So why don’t you open the door?
  It’s a beautiful day
  Nothing will stand in your way
  Just take look in your heart of hearts
  It’s true
  For everything there’s reason
  Sometimes it’s hard to define
  But maybe you can take comfort
  Knowing you’re one of a kind
  In the darkness
  There’s a light that shines on you
  It’s not over, I’ll be waiting
  In another place and time
  I will still be by your side

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