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Johnny Hates Jazz - Drowning my sorrows

Tekst piosenki:

   I read the letter through a haze of alcohol
  A close encounter with the weak and pitiful
  Although my conscience said she’s absolutely right
  The thought was buried in the blindness of the night
  I’m free at last
  I’m drinking to the past
  Those best-forgotten memories are fading fast
  And now I’m drowning my sorrows
  Here’s to you
  Dreams of love are finally through
  And when I’m frowning my sorrows
  Life is sweet
  The bitter world is an echo in my heartbeat
  The chair is empty where I slaved my years away
  Please save your tears for someone else’s rainy day
  Where once your picture stood, a bottle’s in it’s place
  Another chapter in my epic fall form grace
  I can’t believe
  That you are so naive
  To think that losing you would give me cause to grieve
  I thought you really loved me
  But what am I gonna do know you are gone
  The nights are long
  And when the stars are gone
  I stagger to my sense and I carry on

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