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Johnny Hates Jazz - Crown of thorns

Tekst piosenki:

   You were yesterday’s hero
  An ordinary man of flesh and blood
  Took the world on your shoulders
  A hopeless crusade, and act of love
  But it’s a world obsessed with religion
  And now you wear the face of a god
  Like the words you said, you’re as good as dead
  Just a work of art on the wall
  And that’s why nobody wears a crown of thorns
  Nobody cares
  Nobody wears a crown of thorns anymore
  Holy men talk of hunger
  While standing beneath a cross of gold
  And there are preachers on the tv
  In their thousand dollar suits, who sell your soul
  To think you died for what you believed in
  Only to be exploited and used
  Now you’re supermen from the promised land
  Just a vision of hollywood
  You showed me that there’s hope for humanity
  But once more you’re being betrayed
  So many countries torn by their idols
  Too many prophets screaming for blood
  And they only hear what they want to hear
  When it comes to God up above

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