Teksty piosenek / J / John Lee Hooker

  Baby lee


  Blues before sunrise

  Boogie chillun

  Boom boom

  Bottle up and go

  Canal street blues


  Church bell tone

  Cold chillis all over me

  Crawlin black spider

  Cuttin' out

  Democrat man


  Down at the landing

  Drug store woman

  Everybody rockin'


  Groundhog blues

  Hello baby

  Hittin' the bottle again

  Hobo blues

  House rent boogie

  How can you do it

  I don't wanna go to Vietnam

  I got the key

  I'll never trust your love again

  I love you baby

  I'm going upstairs

  I'm gonna gonna git me a woman

  I'm in the mood

  I'm leaving baby

  I'm mad again

  I'm wanderin

  I need some money

  I put my trust on you

  It hurts me so

  It's my own fault darlin

  It's you i love baby

  John l's house rent boogie

  Kick hit 4 hit kix u

  Let's make it

  Let's talk it over

  Little wheel

  Mama, you got a daughter


  Mean mean woman

  Mini skirts

  My dream

  My first wife left me

  No more doggin

  No substitute

  One bourbon, one scotch, one beer


  Queen bee


  Rockin chair

  Rock me, mama

  Sally mae

  She's mine

  That's alright

  The healer

  The waterfront

  Think twice before you go

  This is hip


  Wandering blues

  Want ad blues


  Weepin willow boogie

  You don't move me baby

  You're looking good tonight

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