Teksty piosenek / J / John Frusciante

  A doubt

  A fall thru the ground

  A loop

  An exercise

  As can be

  Away & anywhere

  Been insane

  Beginning again

  Big takeover

  Blood on my neck




  Cut out


  Enter a uh




  Far away


  Going inside


  How high

  I go through these walls

  I'm always

  In relief

  In rime

  Interstate sex

  Invisible moment

  I will always be beat down




  Moments have you


  Nature falls

  Nigger song


  Place to drive




  Running away into you


  Second walk

  Slow down


  Song to sing when i'm lonely

  The first season

  The slaughter

  This cold

  Time goes back


  Wednesday's song

  Wind up space


  With no one

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