Teksty piosenek / J / John Farnham

  Age of reason

  All kinds of people

  All our sons and daughters

  Always the same


  A simple life

  A touch of paradise

  Beyond the call

  Blow by blow

  Break the ice

  Burn down the night

  Burn for you

  Chain reaction


  Don't let it end

  Don't tell me it can't be done

  Everything is gonna be all right

  Everything is out of season

  Going, going, gone

  Hard promises to keep

  Have a little faith in us

  Hearts on fire

  I can do anything

  I can't get next to you

  In days to come

  In your hands

  It all comes back to you

  I thank you

  I've been lonely for so long

  Let me out

  Listen to the wind

  Little piece of my heart

  Love to shine

  Man of the hour

  May you never


  New day

  No one comes close

  One step away

  Only women bleed

  Over my head

  Please don't ask me

  Pressure down

  Raindrops are falling on my head


  Rolling home

  Romeo's heart

  Sadie the cleaning lady

  Second skin

  Seemed like a good idea

  See the banners fall

  So long in love

  Some do, some don't

  Soul reason

  Talent for fame

  Talk of the town

  That driving beat

  That's freedom

  That's what love will make you do

  The fire

  The first step

  The reason why

  The time has come

  The way

  Thunder in your heart

  Time and money

  Treated this way


  Trying to live my life without you

  Two strong hearts

  Underneathe the arches

  Walk away

  We're no angels

  What you don't know

  When all else fails

  You don't know like i know

  You're the only one

  You're the voice

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki