Joe Mcintyre - One Night

Tekst piosenki:

  When I look at you
  You look so irresistible
  When I see you there
  I never seen a girl so beautiful
  And I say
  I know you never met a gentleman like me
  Cuz I will do you right
  Treat you right, girl
  When you are alone with me
  So c'mon and give me
  One night
  That is all I ask of you
  One Night
  And I will show my world to you.
  Listen closely girl,
  I want to be clear to you, girl
  That I'll always be there
  For you girl.
  And day, any night, all the time
  Girl if you're willing
  Then we should be chillin'
  Tonight, tonight, tonight
  One night [x4]
  Let's get together, babe
  One Night.

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