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Joe Mcintyre - Give It Up

Tekst piosenki:

  Let down your guard.
  Give it to me babe.
  It's not that hard to do.
  You are a star, you better believe, babe
  Better off by far if you do.
  You just got to feel
  The way you want to feel
  You know you gotta keep it real
  That's the way you gotta be
  You wanna roll with me
  We can go on 'n on 'n on, so
  Give it up
  And let me love you, c'mon now
  Give it up
  I'll give it all to you, so
  Give it up
  And let me love you
  Give it up
  Yeah baby, give it up now.
  [Verse 2]
  If you put
  Your heart and soul inside of me
  And let yourself lose control
  You are gonna start to see a side of me
  You never thought possible. So baby
  The feelings right and the
  Girls are tight on the set tonight
  [Repeat x4]
  Just give it up and let me love you.

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