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Joe Mcintyre - Couldn't Stay Away From Your Love

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Can you blame me girl?
  Gotta take me back!
  What was I to do
  I couldn't get over you
  Thought that I could put
  Your love on the shelf,
  Get on by myself,
  How could I be such a fool.
  Without your love is like,
  The day is night
  And I can't figure out
  What's wrong or right.
  I tried in van,
  But I couldn't stand the pain.
  I couldn't stay from your love.
  Couldn't stay away from your love.
  -Girl you drive me crazy.
  Couldn't stay away......
  -You know I need you, baby.
  Couldn't stay away....
  Your love, your love
   How can I get through to you?
  What more do I have to prove?
  Cuz girl you got me
  Down on my knees.
  I'm beggin' you please
  For you to take me back.
  [Breakdown) Joe:] What was I to do?
  [Background:] It was your loving, your loving
  [Joe:] Your love
  [BG:] Baby
  [Joe:] I couldn't get over you
  [BG:] It was your loving [x2]
  [Joe:] It was your loving, baby [x2]
  [Ad libs:] C'mon baby, ya know you drive me crazy, baby
  Gotta take me back, woo
  It's like the day is night.
  Baby, oh oh oh yeah. Baby please [x2]
  Can't you find it in your heart
  I need it from the very start.

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