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Joe Budden - Drop Drop

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  Uh huh, yeah
  Uh huh, yeah
  Oh no (louder) oh no (louder)
  Uh huh, uh huh
  (Drop drop) - my homies that ride chromies let it
  (Pop pop) - at the bar Budden them bottles and them
  (Shots shots) - my ladies it's all gravy if you
  (Hot hot) then come back to the (spot spot) and maybe we can
  (Bone bone) - know that we chilling, she something shaking in her
  (Thong thong) - gangsta gangsta, paper paper
  (Long long) - and for my riders all over
  Now you know we wanna hit it hit it
  Don't stop, get it get it
  Sick wit it, I keep paper around me
  So I know that everybody got the vapors around me
  See me in a big truck thin rubber riding
  2 Way and a broad, and got 10 others squatting
  Cause I know Cal broads act up man
  So 'cha man man gotta keep a back up plan
  Not a dance floor nucka [nigga]
  I'm take em home get em to drop they pants
  And gross nucka till the (drip drip)
  No you not my wife no you can't handle my (kid kid)
  I'm just trying to put in your (rib rib)
  Through Cheetah, we in the four door Beem
  Not like the two door like the kid only got a few divas
  Drive wit my knees, seat recline
  While she leaned over giving me a piece of her mind
  I be sizing em up from they thighs and above
  Holla at me if you wanna come and ride wit a thug, yeah!
  All my ladies if you riding!
  Then you know to skip the shotgun and bag the one driving
  All my nuckas if you riding!
  Don't trip plenty cash if she stingy wit ass
  Yo boy got a street chick
  Rocks Chanelle she focused ('focused man')
  Stay wit a bag of fine and no elder rolling (uh)
  She just one of my dames, gotta stay cool
  Everything I got is under her name, it's on! (top top)
  And I'm the same dude came up from the (block block)
  I'm doing it baby I can't (stop stop)
  In my rear view I'm getting tailed by the (cops cops)
  Clean but kit got me looking like I'm (hot hot)
  I ain't on the (streets streets) dawg
  Just trying to (eat eat)
  So fall back jerk, cop I ain't (beat beat)
  Can't miss me, I'm the guy in the V-Tweezy
  And that dime you was hollering at, she's wit me in the
  Chicks wit nice bodies, whip be wide body
  Backseat emtpy, clips can ride shotty, We gon' (ride ride)
  See yo boy getting a million
  We ain't merking it, Nathan had they missing a ceiling
  And, could catch me spendning time at the bar
  You like your water frozen, dawg I like mine in a jar
  We get it (crunk crunk) y'all hear the system out in the (trunk trunk)
  Thump thump Budden be giving you what you want now

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