Teksty piosenek / J / Joan Osborne

  100 Years

  4 Camels

  Angel face

  An uncommon love

  At last

  Baby love

  Beautiful side of madness

  Billie listens

  Bring me some water

  Chimes of freedom

  Crazy baby

  Dracula moon

  Dreamin about the day



  Get up Jack

  Go where i send thee

  Grand illusion

  Hand in mine

  Help me

  His eyes are a blue


  If i was your man

  I'm just a Bill


  Let's just get naked

  Love is alive


  Make you feel my love

  Man in the long black coat

  Match burn twice

  Misanthropic man

  My back pages

  Nothing to believe in

  One of us

  On the old kentucky shore

  Passin thru


  Poison apples

  Raglan road

  Righteous love

  Right hand man

  Running out of time

  Safety in numbers

  Spider web

  Strenuous acquaintances

  St. Teresa

  Warmer days

  Wayfarin stranger

  What you gonna do

  Wild world

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