Teksty piosenek / J / Jimmy Martin

  20/20 Vision

  Ain't nobody gonna miss me

  All the good times

  Beautiful brown eyes

  Before the sun goes down

  Chalk up another one

  Deep river

  Dog bite your hide

  Don't give your heart to a gambler

  Drink up and go home

  Free born man

  Grand ole opry song

  Hit parade of love

  Hold to god's unchanging hand

  Hold watcha got

  Honey you don't know my mind

  I cried again

  I'll drink no more wine

  I'm the boss of this here house

  In foggy old London

  Knoxville girl

  Little white church

  Lost highway

  Mary Ann

  Mr Engineer

  Ocean of diamonds

  Prisoner's song

  Rock hearts

  Save it save it

  Shackles and chains


  Sunny side of the mountain


  The good things out weigh the bad

  There's better times a coming

  Truck driving man

  Twenty twenty vision

  What was i suppose to do

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