Teksty piosenek / J / Jimmy Buffett


  A frenchman for the night

  African friend

  Ain't he a genius

  All the ways i want you

  Altered boy

  A mile high in Denver

  Another saturday night

  A pirate looks at forty


  Autour du rocher

  Baby's gone shopping

  Back to the island

  Ballad of Spider John

  Banana republic

  Bank of bad habits

  Barefoot children

  Barometer soup

  Beach house on the moon

  Bend a little

  Beyond the end

  Bigger than the both of us

  Big rig


  Blue guitar

  Blue heaven rendezvous

  Boat drinks

  Bob Roberts society band

  Boomerang love

  Brahma fear

  Brand new country star

  Bring back the magic

  Brown eyed girl

  Burn that bridge

  California promises

  Captain America

  Carnival world

  Changes in latitudes

  Changing channels

  Chanson pour les petits enfants

  Cheeseburger in paradise

  Christmas in the caribbean


  Coast of marseilles

  Coconut telegraph

  Come monday

  Come to the moon

  Cowboy in the jungle


  Cuban crime of passion

  Cultural infidel


  Death of an unpopular poet

  Death Valley lives

  Defying gravity

  Delaney talks to statues

  Desdemona's building a rocket ship

  Desperation samba

  Diamond as big as the Ritz

  Distantly in love

  Dixie diner

  Domino college

  Don't bug me

  Don't chu-know

  Door number three


  Ellis dee

  Elvis imitators



  Everlasting moon

  Everybody's got a cousin in miami

  Everybody's on the run

  False echoes

  Far side of the world


  First look

  Flesh and bone


  Fool button

  Frank and Lola


  God doesn't own a car

  God's own drunk

  Good flight

  Grapefruit juicy fruit

  Gravity storm

  Great heart

  Growing older but not up

  Gypsies in the palace

  Happily ever after

  Havana daydreamin

  He went to Paris

  High cumberland dilemma

  High cumberland jubilee


  Homemade music

  Honey do

  I can't be your hero today

  I don't know and i don't care

  If i could just get it on paper

  If it all falls down

  If the phone doesn't ring it's me

  I have found me a home

  I heard i was in town

  I love the now


  In the shelter


  It's five o'clock somewhere

  It's my job

  I used to have money one time

  I will play for gumbo

  I wish lunch could last forever

  Jamaica farewell

  Jamaica mistaica

  Jimmy dreams

  Jolly mon sing

  Kick it in second wind

  King of somewhere hot

  Knees of my heart

  Lady i can't explain

  Lage nom ai

  L'air de la Louisianne


  Last mango in Paris

  Last man standing

  La vie dansante

  Let's get drunk and screw

  License to chill

  Life is just a tire swing

  Lip service

  Little miss magic

  Livingston saturday night

  Livingston's gone to texas

  Livin it up

  Lone palm

  Love and luck

  Love in decline

  Love in the liberty

  Lovely cruise

  Lucky stars

  Mademoiselle voulez-vous danser

  Makin music for money



  Math suks

  Meet me in Memphis

  Mental floss

  Mermaid in the night


  Middle of the night


  Miss you so badly

  Money back guarantee

  Morris nightmare

  My barracuda

  My head hurts

  My lovely lady

  Nautical wheelers

  Nobody speaks to the captain no more

  No plane on sunday

  Off to see the lizard

  On a slow boat to China

  One particular harbour

  Only time Will Tell


  Oysters and pearls

  Pacing the cage

  Peanut butter conspiracy

  Pencil-thin mustache

  Permanent reminder

  Perrier blues

  Please bypass this heart

  Presents to send you


  Prince of tides

  Quietly making noise

  Ragtop day

  Railroad lady

  Remittance man

  Ringling, ringling

  Rockefeller square

  Savannah fare you well


  Scarlet begonias

  Schoolboy heart

  Semi-true stories

  Sending the old man home

  She's going out of my mind

  She's got you

  Six string music

  Smart woman

  Someday i will

  Something so feminine

  Somewhere over China

  Son of a son of a sailor

  Spending money

  Stars fell on Alabama

  Stars on the water


  Stories we could tell

  Stranded on a sandbar

  Strange bird

  Sunny afternoon


  Take another road

  Take it back

  Tampico trauma

  That's my story and i'm stickin' to it

  That's what living is to me

  The ballad of skip wiley

  The captain and the kid

  The christian

  The good fight

  The great filling station holdup

  The hang out gang

  The last line

  The missionary

  The natives are restless tonight

  The night i painted the sky

  The pascagoula run

  The perfect partner

  The pina colada song

  There's nothing soft about hard times

  The tiki bar is open

  The weather is here

  The wino and i know

  They don't dance like Carmen no more

  This hotel room

  Tin cup chalice

  Tonight i just need my guitar

  Travelin' clean

  Treat her like a lady

  Treetop flyer

  Truckstop salvation

  Trying to reason with hurricane season


  Twelve volt man

  Uncle John's band

  Vampires, mummies, and the holy ghost


  Waiting for the next explosion

  We are the people

  West Nashville grand ballroom gown

  What if the hokey-pokey

  When Salome plays the drum

  When the coast is clear

  When the wild life betrays me

  Where's the party

  Who's the blonde stranger

  Why don't we get drunk

  Why the things we do

  Why you wanna hurt my heart

  Woman goin' crazy on Caroline street

  Wonder why we ever go home

  You call jt joggin'

  You'll never work in dis hidness again

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