Teksty piosenek / J / Jill Scott

  8 Minutes to sunrise

  A Long Walk


  Can't explain

  Comes to the light

  Do You Remember


  Easy conversation


  Family reunion

  Fatback taffy

  Free (Prelude)

  Getting in the way

  Gettin' In The Way



  He loves me

  He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)

  Honey molasses

  I keep

  I Think It's Better

  It is love

  It's Love


  Kingdom come

  Love Rain (Remix)

  Loving rain (remix)

  Nothing (Interlude)

  Not like crazy

  One Is The Magic Number

  Shining through

  Slowly Surely

  Spring summer feeling

  The roots

  The Roots (Interlude)

  The Way


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