Teksty piosenek / J / J Church


  About the she

  Accentuated nothing

  A letter to a friend

  All girl band

  Alone when she dies

  Analysis, yes, very nice


  Asha blake

  As i lie


  At the cannery

  At the crossroads of hell

  A well earned reputation

  Ayn rand is dead

  Back to hawaii

  Band you love to hate

  Best served cold

  Beverly Hills




  Bottom rung

  Case number


  Christmas lights

  Church on fire

  Cigarettes kill


  City by the bay

  Closing time in an early town

  Colonial Hong Kong

  Colors lie



  Contempt for modesty

  Crazy lady on market street


  Crop circles

  Cut the shit

  Da da da

  Desperation every other night

  Diet coke


  Disposed to femininity

  Don't bring me down

  Dora and Lili

  Drinking down

  Earthquake song

  Empty soda can

  Everybody laughs

  Fascist radio

  Favorite phrase

  Faye wong

  Financial zone

  Foreign films

  Fuck school

  Girlfriend in a coma

  Girl in a magazine

  Good judge of character

  Guitar center

  Gulf breeze, florida

  Had it right


  Hate so real



  I can't be nice to you

  If i'm lonely

  If we wait

  I have to admit

  Imaginary friends


  In vain

  I reach for her hand

  I've got a crazy feeling

  Ivy league college

  I will savor this

  I would for you

  Jane, Vanessa, and i

  Jazz butcher on a work night

  J Church sucks

  Jennifer Jason leigh


  Lama temple

  Last of the famous

  Lemon zinger

  Leni riefenstahl's tinder box



  Living with the dreaming body

  Lost in a silent stare


  Made life simple

  Marge schott

  Mariachi bands

  Marie Provost

  Mary's moving out



  Mr Backrub

  My favorite place

  My lie

  Names and places and thesis

  Never happy

  New book

  New dreams broken

  New year

  New York times book review

  Night time

  No doves fly here

  No jazz

  Nostalgic for nothing

  No surprise

  Not given lightly

  Nothing city

  Nothing worth knowing



  Now you realize

  On dying alone

  Open road

  Over compensation


  Parkas and flags

  Part of the problem

  Parts unknown

  Picture this

  Planet earth





  Radical chic

  Reaching for thoreau

  Rich and young and dumb

  Rock'n roll museum



  Sadie mae glutz

  Sam rivers

  San Francisco thespians part 2

  Santa Cruz



  She says

  She's so mean

  Simple gesture


  Smell it rot

  Smoke in my face

  Snot rags

  Socialist newspaper


  Sound guy smiley

  Star hotel

  Star of the show

  Stars are exploding


  Stinking seas

  Stupid lesson


  Sweet and sour plums

  Sweet talkin woman



  Tea time

  Telephone line

  The devil and i

  The doctor

  The dramatic history

  The heroic trio

  The legend of Rita

  The overwhelming smell

  The state of things

  The track

  The versace killer

  Thirty second song

  Tide of fate


  To the moon

  Traffic jam

  Transvestite show



  Turn to stone

  UFOs will crash

  Undisputed king of nothing

  Violent motions created

  Waiting on the ground

  What could i have done

  What will i do

  Where the trains go

  Why i liked Bikini Kill

  William Tell suicide note

  Winter comes again

  Without a single word

  Yellow, blue and green

  You almost feel sad

  You feel like a fool

  You fucking trick

  You may never

  Young mother

  You're on your own

  You're the one that i want

  Your mother

  Your shirt

  Zero - zero

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki