Teksty piosenek / J / Jane's Addiction

  Ain't no right

  Been caught stealing

  Chip away


  Classic girl

  Everybody's friend

  Had a dad


  Idiots rule

  I would for you

  Jane Says

  Just because

  Kettle whistle

  Mountain song

  My cat's name is Maceo

  My time

  No one's leaving


  Ocean size

  Of course

  Pigs in zen

  Rock and roll

  Slow divers

  So what

  Standing in the shower



  Suffer some

  Summertime rolls

  Super hero

  Sympathy for the Devil

  Ted, just admit it

  Thank you boys

  Then she did

  The price i pay

  The riches

  Three days

  To match the sun

  Trip away

  True nature

  Up the beach


  Wrong girl

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