Teksty piosenek / J / Jag Panzer

  All things renewed

  Battle zones


  Black sunday

  Bloody crime

  Burning heart

  Call of the wild

  Cardiac arrest

  Chain of command

  Choir of tears

  Cold is the blade

  Death row



  Eyes of the night

  Face of fear

  Fall of dunsinane

  False messiah

  Fate's triumph

  Frozen in fear

  Future shock

  Generally hostile

  Harder then steel

  Hell to pay

  Hidden in my eyes

  Insanity's mind

  Iron eagle

  Judgement day

  King at a price

  Lustful and free

  Lying deceiver

  Metal melts the ice

  Power surge

  Ready to strike


  Reign of the tyrants

  Shadow thief

  Sonet of sorrow

  Spectres of the past

  Sworn to silence

  Symphony of terror

  Take this pain away

  Take to the sky

  Thane of cawdor

  The age of mastery

  The crucifix

  The moors

  The scarlet letter

  The silent

  The watching

  Three voices of fate

  Tower of darkness

  Tragedy of Macbeth

  Treachery's stain

  Twilight years





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