Teksty piosenek / J / Jagged Edge

  4 Sure

  Addicted To Love

  Ain't No Stoppin'

  All Out Of Love

  Best Man

  Best Man

  Can I Get With You

  Can't wait

  Can We Be Tight

  Cut Somethin'

  Dance floor

  Did She Say

  Did She Say (Remix)

  Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

  Dreamed you

  Driving Me To Drink

  Drivin Me To Drink

  Funny How

  Girl Is Mine

  Girl It's Over


  Got it 2 (remix)

  Gotta be


  Head Of Household



  He Can't Love You

  He Can't Love You (Remix)

  I don't wanna

  I Got It

  I Got It (Remix)

  I Gotta Be

  I'll Be Right There

  In the morning

  Keys To The Range

  Lace You

  Leave those keys

  Let's Get Married

  Let's Get Married (Remarquable remix)

  My little secret

  Never can say goodbye

  No Respect

  No Respect


  Promise (So So Def Remix)

  Ready & willing



  Rest Of Our Lives

  Slow Motion

  The Saga Continues

  The Way That You Talk

  They ain't je

  This christmas

  This Goes Out

  True Man

  Walked Outta Heaven

  Wednesday lover

  What You Tryin' To Do

  What you tryin to do

  Where The Party At

  Where The Party At (So So Def Remix)

  Without You

  You Can Always Go

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